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Watering can wisdom

A gardener's best friend: the watering can

If you're a gardener, then you know how important it is to keep your plants hydrated. While there are many ways to water your plants, a watering can is an essential tool that you simply can't do without. A watering can is not just a tool, it's a gardener's best friend. Your trusty watering can is such an everyday piece of equipment around the garden that you'd be forgiven for taking it for granted. But it's precisely because it's used so often, and for so many different watering tasks in the garden, that your choice of watering can is so crucial.

Why a watering can is the preferred choice

A watering can is the perfect tool for delivering water directly to your plants' roots without damaging the leaves. This is particularly important for plants that are susceptible to fungal diseases, as watering from above can create the perfect breeding ground for these pathogens. A watering can is also perfect for watering plants in hard-to-reach places, such as hanging baskets or pots on high shelves.

  • Watering fragile little seedlings, only just emerged from the earth, is a job for an equally delicate watering can. In our garden centre we have seedling watering cans which carry about a litre of water, with long, slender spouts – perfect for trickling in between tiny stems. They're just the right size for houseplants, too.
  • Unlike a hose, a watering can allows you to control the amount of water you deliver to your plants. This is important because different plants have different watering requirements. Overwatering can be just as harmful as underwatering, so it's important to get the balance just right. With a watering can, you can easily water each plant according to its needs, ensuring that it gets just the right amount of moisture.

A watering can is a sustainable choice!

A watering can is also a great tool for conserving water. By using a watering can, you can avoid wasting water on areas of the garden that don't need it. You can also collect rainwater in your watering can to use for watering your plants, which is not only eco-friendly but can also save you money on your water bill.

A touch of elegance

In addition to its practical benefits, a watering can is also a beautiful object in its own right. Many watering cans are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with intricate patterns and beautiful colors. A watering can can add a touch of elegance to your garden, making it not just a tool, but a decorative item as well.Outdoor watering cans come in many different sizes. Five-litre cans are a good general-purpose size, but where you're doing a lot of watering a ten-litre can lasts longer between refills.

A detachable rose helps you choose between gently sprinkling smaller plants, or directing a jet of water at their feet. There's a great choice of different designs in our garden centre, from practical lightweight plastic in a variety of colours, to traditional galvanised metal cans which look beautiful and last forever, too.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex for more information about choosing the watering can that's right for you.

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