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We know all about watering. Make sure you water your garden wisely since drought during summer is just around the corner. It's possible that we have to deal with drought this summer. Make sure you are prepared to keep your plants thriving, even during the driest summer heat. Choose from the wide range of watering equipment in our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex. Here's what you'll need to ensure your plants never need to go thirsty again. Also, think of ways to keep your plants healthy while you're on holiday. 

How to water your plants during summer

At Rushfields Plant Centre, we have multiple solutions to keep your garden plants moist. Some garden plants thrive best in humid soils, others can stand a little drought. On hot summer days, some garden plants are struggling with the lack of water. Provide your garden plants with water via automatic watering systems. This automatic system measures the water level in the soil. If the level comes too low, the system automatically starts watering. This way, you never have to think about watering your plants again. Here are several ways to water your garden plants right. 

Watering - Rushfields

Water can

Water cans are useful all year, but especially if you're in an area that's subject to a hosepipe ban. Larger 10-litre and 5-litre cans keep the garden plants going. With large water cans, it's possible to water all border plants including shrubs and trees with just one can. Small 1-litre cans are ideal for seedlings and houseplants. In our garden centre in Poynings, you find hundreds of varieties of watering cans. We have plastic, metal and steel water cans. Choose between many different colours, shapes and types. If you need help, ask one of our staff members to help. They are always happy to help.

Water butt

Water butts store rainwater so you don't have to use up precious tap water. Summer in the UK doesn't mean days full of eternal hours of sunlight. Unfortunately, we have to deal with numerous rainy days during summer. To make use of these days wisely, install a water butt to store rainwater. Rainwater is the best water to use for watering garden plants. We have a wide range of water butt designs: choose between classic green plastic butts or buy a modern black water butt with innovative functions. Connect several water butts together to double your storage capacity.

Watering your plants - Rushfields

Hose and attachments

If you have a garden, we recommend applying a hose and attachments to make watering your garden plants easier. We sell everything from spray guns to sprinklers and from hoses to wall hangers. Different garden hose nozzles make you a professional gardener. Provide your garden plants with the right amount of water. Choose the shower position to water perennials, choose the stream functions for watering trees, and use the mist function to sprinkle Mediterranean plants. Leaky hoses may drive you insane, but you must use them wisely. Because leaky hoses conserve water, too: lay the leaky hose alongside your plants to deliver water where it's needed. This way, the hose provides you plant with irrigation during hot summer days. 

Automatic watering systems

If you don't want to remind yourself every day, every two days or every week to water the plants in the garden, an automatic watering system may be the best choice for you. Free yourself from watering chores and enjoy your garden to the fullest. Connect dripper systems through a hose to a timer, set it to water whenever you want without you having to lift a finger. If this sounds too technical to you, ask our staff members to help you out. We have several watering systems to make watering garden plants easier than ever before. Set the right amount of water at the right times a week and enjoy garden plants that bloom fantastically. This system can be really useful if you're on holiday and don't want to bother neighbours or family members with the watering chores. Check our assortment of automatic watering systems in the garden centre in Poynings, Sussex. 

Watering your plants - Rushfields

Tips on watering garden plants 

Besides these options, there are more options to water your garden during summer. Make sure you provide your garden plants with enough water, especially during summer. If you need tips and tricks on how to water your garden wisely, please ask the staff in our garden centre in the plant centre. For more information and advice about your watering needs, visit our garden centre in Poynings. Check our opening hours and route on the contact page