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Tulips that last

Tulips left in the ground will sometimes re-flower, but more often they will dwindle and disappear. But when you have built up a beautiful display of tulips, you will want them to come back next season. How do you make sure you plant tulips that last? And how do you make them bloom for weeks and weeks? At Rushfields, we know how to handle tulips, it's all about the right care. We will give you some handy tips.

How to stop tulips drooping

Do you want your fresh bought tulips to last longer and keep them looking lovely and perked up? It's easier than you think. Just follow the following steps carefully.

  1. Trim your tulips
    Cut your tulips with 3-5 cm in an angle, so they soak more water to hydrate them. 
  2. Pop them in water as soon as possible
    Tulips, like all flowers, use water to remain shiny and beautiful. If you buy your tulips from the florist, pop them in water as soon as you get home. This will help the tulip rehydrate and bloom.
  3. Find the right spot
    Tulips don't like direct sunlight and heat sources. Did you know that you have to keep your tulips away from fruit? Fruit releases gases that'll make your tulips fade. 
  4. Refresh the water
    It sounds logical, but you have to make sure you change the water in the vase. Tulips don't like to drink dirty water, so don't you right? Every time you change the water, trim the stems 1cm each time. This helps the bloom to stay fabulous.

Drooping tulips - Rushfields


There are some easy ways to make sure your tulips stop drooping and your tulips will last longer than just one season. One way is to dig up the bulbs, dry them undercover and store them in a well-ventilated place at room temperature. However, there is also a method to make your tulips last without having to remove them.

  • plant your tulip bulbs in a well-drained area what is full or afternoon sun. Protect large tulips from strong winds by giving them a sheltered spot;
  • plant your bulbs about 20 cm deep and water them, so they will develop strong roots that will help them get through the winter;
  • cut off the flower heads after the blossoming period. Wait until the foliage turns yellow and dies back. In this manner, the plant will focus its energy on building a strong bulb instead of on the flowers;
  • fertilize the ground in fall and spring.

By following these tips, you will very likely experience the colourful spectacle of tulips, again and again, every year.

Make your tulips bloom for a long time

Of course, you want to have tulips that last long not only throughout the years but also throughout the entire blooming season. How do you make your tulips last longer during spring? Buy tulips with different blooming times and plant them close to each other. When one variety has stopped blooming, you can cut them off or pull out the bulbs. In the meantime, the late-blooming tulips will steal the show. By creating a blend of different bulbs, you will have tulips blooming throughout the entire season!  

Tulips in spring - Rushfields

Choose your own blend of tulip bulbs

You want to have a garden full of tulips that last for years. What tulip bulbs should you choose to adorn your garden with? The Tulipa turkestanica appears in early spring with up to nine flowers per spike. The Tulipa greigii or ‘Red Riding Hood’ is another beauty. It reaches a height of 20 cm and turns into a beautiful red scarlet in April. The Tulipa sprengeri is the last of the tulips to bloom in late May. This wonderful flower again has bright red scarlet petals. Combine different tulips that have different bloom periods to extend the flowering time. Visit our garden centre and choose early spring-blooming tulips to say farewell to the winter garden. Tulips can't be missed in any garden or on any balcony. Tulips are also great to grow in pots. Do you want to find out more about the tulips that we have on offer and how to care for them?

Visit Rushfields for the best tulip bulbs

Curious about the many tulip varieties we have available in our garden centre? We do our best to present you a varying assortment each year. Visit our plant centre for classical species, but discover new sorts as well. Visit our garden centre in Poynings and ask our friendly staff to help you find the perfect tulips for your garden. Don't have time to stop by? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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