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    Our plant centre wouldn't be a plant centre if we wouldn't offer seeds. During Springtime it's time to fill your garden with seeds. To enjoy lovely vegetables, herbs or fruits, you have to plant the seeds at first. At Rushfields Plant Centre, we offer different seeds to create a stunning spring display. Besides seeds as herbs and sprouts, we have seed potatoes as well. These potatoes love to grow in your nutritious garden. Give them water and love, and you will soon be enjoying your own grown vegetables. The potato year starts in January when the seed is delivered and chitting starts, then remains on the gardening calendar through to the late Autumn harvest.

    Grow seed potatoes at Rushfields

    Start growing your potatoes in your garden by planting potato seeds. We have different kinds and sizes of potatoes in our assortment. First and second early varieties and main crops. We gave them names, so you can easily find them back if you want to buy more potatoes. For example, we offer:

    • Nadine, a second early potato seed and an excellent baking potato.
    • Desiree, a maincrop potato which is drought resistant, high yielding and the most popular red potato we have.
    • King Edward, a maincrop potato which is a prevalent variety with good flavour and a floury texture.

    Potato seeds and vegetables - Rushfields

    Discover all our varieties and start planting your potatoes in your garden. Become a farmer and cook delicious meals with our potato seeds. Get your potato seeds at our plant centre in Poynings, Sussex. You can fill a bag with loose potatoes from £1,29 already. Or choose one of our filled bags of 2kg from £4,49.

    When to plant potato seeds?

    The early potato seeds must be planted around mid-March so you can harvest the first fresh potatoes in June. The second earlies, such as Nadine and Desiree, can be planted two weeks later. More northern UK areas should delay the planting by up to two to three weeks depending on weather and risk of frost. Potato seeds do not survive frost, so don't plant your potato seeds too early. Maincrop varieties, like King Edward, are generally planted in April. Besides planting potato seeds in the ground, You can pre-germinate potatoes if you want to enjoy potatoes quicker. Potatoes will grow faster after planting. Place the seed potatoes for a few weeks, starting in January, in a light place (but no direct sunlight) at a temperature around 10 degrees. This way, short, thick and healthy shoots will form and will grow faster when you plant them in soil.

    Potato seeds seed potatoes - Rushfields

    Vegetable seeds in Poynings

    If you want to start your kitchen garden,  vegetable seeds can't be missing! Think of garlic and onion seeds to spice up your meals. Or get your tomato, cucumber, pepper or herb seeds at Rushfields. We have a wide range of vegetable seeds in our plant centre in Poynings, Sussex. Do you need help or do you want advice on which vegetables you should plant? Ask our friendly staff in the plant centre, and they will help you find the right seeds for you. If you're not sure about when to plant the seeds, you can ask our staff for help. If you buy a bag of seeds, the best time for planting and the best time for harvesting is on the packaging. 

    Get your seeds at Rushfields

    Now it's the time to get your seeds at Rushfields. Start planting your potatoes in mid-March to gather fresh early potatoes in June. Become a farmer and create your kitchen garden. Don't hesitate. It will guarantee a lot of fun! And what's better than eating your grown vegetables? No pesticides or other chemical stuff, just your biologic food. Take a look at our bulbs section as well, we offer beautiful flowers to create a sweet summer display. Visit our plant centre in Poynings, Sussex, near Brighton. Plan your route on the contact page. We look forward to seeing you.