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Indoor plants

You can use indoor plants or houseplants throughout the whole year to create ambience in your house. You can subdivide indoor plants into Foliage plants and flowering plants. Foliage plants are often big and green, while flowering plants have beautiful flowers and colours. Placing big indoor plants helps to fill empty spots in the house and to add some colour to your interior. Choose from a wide assortment of indoor plants at Rushfields plant centre in Poynings, Sussex. Close to Brighton, Horsham, Burgess Hill, Worthing, Hove you can shop indoor plants in all sorts, shapes and sizes.

Indoor house plants - Rushfields

Popular houseplants at Rushfields

Thinking of a houseplant but not sure which one to choose? Find the list below of the plants we love, because of their shape, size and colours. These are the most beloved houseplants for indoors at Rushfields. Some may be pretty obvious, due to the lack and attention with watering they need, but some are a real surprise...

1. Areca palmAreca Palm - Rushfields

The Areca Palm earns its place in this list because of the low caring and its big size. Without securely looking after your plant and watering it daily, the areca palm blooms beautifully and fills up an empty spot in your house easily. 









2. Sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant)Snake plant - Rushfields

This plant owes its nickname by the shape of the leaves, they look like a snake tail and feel rough. Or you may know this plant for the 'Mother in laws tongue.' You can think of the purpose of this nickname yourself. The sansevieria trifasciata absorbs toxins and releases oxygen. The snake plant is easy to maintain, you can place it anywhere and it goes a long time between watering. Important: keep out of the reach of pets, as they are toxic. 







3. Yucca elephantipesYucca - Rushfields

The Yucca plant almost sounds like a new roommate, there are many different sorts of the yucca. Ones you've placed a Yucca in a sunny to partly shaded location indoors, the green friend's care is easy. Yucca's have low water requirements, so watering them once a month can be enough. Most of all, a yucca plant can be your best green friend, if you look after it and give love.







4. Aloe VeraAloe Vera - Rushfields

Part of the succulent family, the aloe vera plant is not only beautiful but also functional. These friendly green spined help clean the air and the gel found inside the leaves are used in skin products such as beauty-care and after-suns. Aloe Vera plants require watering when the top of the soil is dry, most of the time this means every two weeks. So, low in care but high in caring!







5. OrchidOrchids - Rushfields

The Orchidaceae is one of the widespread family of tropical flowering plants. With its beautiful flowers in every colour, you can think of, this houseplant brightens up your room. Avoid overwatering orchids, too much water makes the roots rot and eventually kill the plant. Orchids don't fancy too much sun and heat. So, place them on the table rather than in the windowsill, especially when your window is west- or south-facing. Take care of your orchid and you'll enjoy wonderful flowers every year if cut wisely and with care.






Houseplants are good for your health

Green indoor plants serve not only as a great way to improve the cosiness in your house, but they also have a health function. Did you know that big green houseplants improve air quality? Big green houseplants also clear the air. So, having a big green plant in your living room is also great for your own wellbeing. Find yourself a houseplant that fits in your interior and adds fresh oxygen to your surroundings. Nature is not only for outside the house, but it also gets more popular to bring nature indoors using houseplants. Research has shown that putting just two or three houseplants in your room reduces stress. So, what are you waiting for? Come visit the plant centre to find your perfect houseplant and improve the air quality in your house.

Houseplants at Rushfields

Find your houseplant at Rushfields near Brighton, with help from our friendly staff. They are willing to help you find the perfect plant for your house. Make your house a home by placing houseplants in your room. Fill up empty spots or bring in some colour with houseplants. Go to our page about foliage plants or choose flowering house plants to cheer up your room. Love nature and live in nature by adding indoor plants to your home. Give us a call or plan your visit to the plant centre. We look forward to meeting you!