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Indoor flowering houseplants

Indoor flowering plants grow lustrous flowers that shine in your living room. If you want to add colour to your interior, choose flowering houseplants. Create a dazzling display by bringing several flowering plants into your house. At Rushfields Plant Centre, we have a wide range of indoor flowering plants. Flowering plants are famous for, of course, their stunning flowers, but are also loved for their elegant green leaves, which sometimes, are dotted or striped. Do you want to find out which flowering plants are our favourites? We have put together a list of five of our favourite flowering plants at Rushfields. Find your perfect flowering houseplant in our plant centre and steal the show!


At Rushfields, we love houseplants and especially flowering houseplants. Flowering houseplants have beautiful coloured flowers that match your interior or steal the show on your kitchen table. Want to find out which ones are our favourites? Find the list below.

1. Peace Lily

The official name of Peace Lily is Spathiphyllum wallisii. This houseplant originally grows in Central America, so it's used to a warm and humid environment. Therefore, a Peace Lily is perfect for a bright bathroom. This low-maintenance houseplant grows stunning green leaves and white flowers. The Peace Lily definitely brings happiness and peace to your house. Peace Lilies aren't just flowering plants, they also have an extra health function. Peace Lily helps to clean the air and remove toxins. Peace Lily is superb as an office plant. Enjoy this flowering houseplant and enjoy the fresh air in your house.

Peace Lily - Rushfields

2. Begonias

Begonias are one of the most famous bedding plants in landscaping, but begonias are ideal for growing indoors as well. You should give them as much light as possible. Place begonias on a windowsill, and you will be surprised by the bright colours they bring to your house. Begonias don't need much care.

Begonia - Rushfields

Geranium - Rushfields

3. Geraniums

Geraniums are mostly known as old-fashioned, but nowadays, geraniums are back! Geraniums bloom fantastic and don't need to be taken care of regularly. Just water them once a week, and make sure you place them in a light spot. Geraniums are also known as a popular garden plants. At Rushfields, we love to bring colours from outside to our home. Try geraniums yourself and enjoy their long-lasting colours.

4. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are a family of pineapple plants and look cheery and tropical. Luckily, bromeliads don't grow as big as pineapple plants, so you can use them as a flowering house plant indoors. Bromeliads only flower for one season, but the flowering season lasts for three months. After blooming, the flower fades and fully dies back. Bromeliads prefer clean water with a minimum of dissolved minerals. Bromeliads don't like to be watered from the soil, they love to be watered from the 'cup' where it can distribute the water to the leaves. This showstopper comes in all kinds of colours, like red, pink, yellow and orange. What are you waiting for? Get your bromeliad at Rushfields!

Bromeliad - Rushfields

Orchid - Rushfields

5. Orchid

Maybe one of the oldest, most popular flowering houseplants is the orchid. These elegant flowering houseplants always look chic and come in all kinds of colours and shapes. At Rushfields, we stock both big orchids as well as smaller orchids. Whatever you like, we'll find the perfect orchid for your home. If you have a modern interior, choose a white orchid, if you have a more bohemian decor, you can choose coloured orchids. Discover lovely patterns, like stripes, dots, animal prints and many more. Find your perfect orchid at our plant centre.

Buy flowering house plants at Rushfields

Convinced to buy a flowering houseplant? We have many more varieties of flowering houseplants at our garden centre. We would love to show you around at our plant centre in Poynings, Sussex. Visit our plant centre, walk around at our houseplant department and find your perfect flowering houseplant. Looking for a foliage houseplant? No worries, we can help you with that! Check our page about foliage plants. Our friendly staff at the garden centre is always willing to help you. We look forward to welcoming you to Rushfields!

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