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Peat free lawn products

Peat free lawn products

Using peat free lawn products is an important way to keep your lawn looking great with the environment in mind. Peat bogs are essential carbon stores and in the process of peat extraction carbon dioxide is released which contributes to climate change. There are targets for home gardeners to move to full use of peat free products in the UK and various countries and many products now available to garden without peat. These ideas will help keep your lawn in good health. 

  • Liquid fertiliser 
  • Re-using grass clippings 
  • Topsoil and dressing
  • Go wild v formal lawn 

Choosing liquid fertiliser peat free lawn products 

If you have a green and formal lawn, you might want to give it a liquid fertiliser feed to give it a boost, clear weeds and help it thrive. There are many liquid fertilisers on the market, using plant based amino acids and plant based ingredients that can feed your lawn without any use of peat, organic and environmentally friendly. 

Peat free lawn products include re-using grass clippings 

Did you know that leaving your lawn clippings on top of your grass instead of raking them away is actually beneficial for your lawn? This is generally good practice as long as your lawn is already in good shape. If it is patchy or diseased, it will be best to remove the cuttings but otherwise leaving them, when you mow the lawn in the spring and summertime means as they decompose the lawn will receive back plenty of nutrients naturally.

Topsoil and dressing with peat free lawn products 

Just like compost used in the garden, these products can also be found as peat free alternatives. If you need to top dress your lawn to keep it thriving and looking healthy, topsoil and lawn dressings can be used - just look out for products that say they are peat free. That way you know you will be helping the environment as you grow and enjoy your lawn. 

Peat free lawn products if you go wild v formal lawn 

Your lawn and garden is personal to you, from formal well trimmed lawns to wild lawns full of wildflowers, or even a little of both. Having a more formal lawn with areas allowed to grow tall may be the best of both! Wild lawns require much less maintenance because no mowing is needed - or at least only once or twice a year whereas formal lawns need to be mowed and cared for regularly. Whichever you choose, make sure you look out for peat free products to benefit your lawn and the environment.

Peat free products extend to all areas in the garden from container compost to peat free grown plants. 

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