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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again to treat your mum or another maternal figure in your life. You can surprise your mum, but you can also think of congratulating a new mother, a stepmom, or someone who has lost a mum lately. We’ve got an extensive range of lovely gifts in our garden centre, so visit us in Poynings, Sussex and choose a gift for every type of mum. Here’s our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to choose the right gift for your mum.

The mum who loves to cook

Although the image of mums standing in the kitchen all day to prepare dinner is very outdated, there are still tons of mums out there that love to cook. Whether it’s pasta, rice, a cake, or a veg stew, cooking becomes more fun with the right tools. Honour mums that always have put love, effort and time into cooking your favourite dishes. We offer everything from trendy plates to cooking tools like spatulas.

For the tea-lover mum

Get your mum a brand new set of crockery. She’ll love the renewed assortment with its fresh colours and lovely patterns. Please choose from our range of coffee mugs, tea mugs, espresso cups and milk jugs. Perfect for a high tea. Visit our Farm Shop and get her some freshly baked pies, a bottle of local wine and crispy Artisan bread. She’ll love the idea of new crockery, including fresh produces from the Farm Shop, but above all, spending time together is the biggest gift. 

The plant-loving mum

If outdoors is your mum’s favourite place to go, and she can’t get enough of nature, you should definitely think of a green gift, like a unique houseplant. At our garden centre, we offer a large assortment of indoor plants. What about a stunning Phalaenopsis in your mum’s favourite colour or another flowering houseplant? We also stock a fantastic range of large houseplants, such as ficus, monstera, yucca, kentia palm, zamioculcas zamiifolia, etc. Not sure about which plant you should choose? Give a gift card and let your mum choose herself. 

For the relaxed mum

If your mum likes to relax, or you want your mum to take some time to relax, we have the perfect gift for you. Explore our scented candles, diffusers and range of cremes and scrubs. Try our different fragrances and choose the scent she’ll like most. Is your mum a fan of sweet scents, like roses and vanilla, or does your mum adore herbs’ aromas, like mint or lavender? For the badass mums, we also offer hammam, eucalyptus and bergamot. Surprise her with a new scent, or pick her favourite.

Buy Mother’s Day Gifts at Rushfields

Visit Rushfields in Poynings, Sussex, to get your mum the perfect present for Mother’s Day. Even if your mother is impossible to buy for, you can always give a gift card. She can spend the value on the gift card on everything at our garden centre, from outdoor plants to indoor pottery and from insect hotels to dried flowers. Be thoughtful and get your mum a present for March 27th. Check our opening hours on the contact page

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