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Houseplant trend: trailing houseplants

When the end of the year is around the door, we look at the new trends for 2022. We predict that we will all be filling our homes with houseplants even more than before. It’s scientifically proved that houseplants bring happiness and health into your life, so why not brighten your interior and bring nature inside? Rushfields Plant Centre has a suitable houseplant for every room available. Whether you have ample space or just a tiny room, there’s always a houseplant that suits you.

Trailing houseplants are the new trend for 2022

Hanging plants are prevalent in garden plants, while there’re plenty of species that can grow indoors, too. In 2022, we will be seeing more trailing vines indoors, and we just love it. Trailing plants are the best solution if you don’t have too much space, but you want to create an indoor jungle anyways. The new trend is to make most of the area, even if you don’t have the space.

Hanging houseplants - Rushfields

Best low-maintenance trailing houseplants

Rushfields Plant Centre is a versatile garden centre with a green friend for everyone. Trailing plants will become very popular in 2022. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of options to keep trailing houseplants.

  • The Spider plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, is one of the easiest houseplants and is also known for its tremendous air purifying qualities. The variegated leaves are green-white striped, and if you offer proper care, they will grow tiny ‘pups’ on the ends of the leaves. Spider plants tolerate lower light conditions, need moderate water, do well in low-humidity environments, and are non-toxic and safe for humans. That sounds like the easiest plant on earth.

  • The string of beads, or pearls, Senecio rowleyanus produces fleshy leaves with tiny green beads or pearls. This plant will absolutely make a statement in your home. Hang it in a corner or above the couch. This plant comes originally from Africa, where it’s used to dry conditions. Let the plant completely dry out between waterings. Don’t mist it, as this plant prefers drought. Keep it away from children and pets, as the beads or pearls are toxic and give them a bad tummy ache if they try to eat it.

  • Philodendron scandens ‘Brasil’, also known as the sweetheart vine, grows long heart-shaped dark-green leaves with splashes of yellow. Place several Philodendron scandens Brasil in a row, and they will form a thick green curtain. If you want to keep the plant compact, you can just trim it at any time of the year. This plant loves medium light conditions and constantly prefers moist soil at all times.

Trailing houseplants - Rushfields

Green trailing houseplants

We stock an acceptable range of brightly coloured trailing plants, but if you prefer green friends, here’s a list of the best green trailing houseplants at Rushfields:

  • Rhipsalis baccifera, also called the mistletoe cactus, is actually a cactus, although it looks more like a mop of hair. The leathery leaves trail down the pot and will form a real eye-catcher in your room. This plant needs plenty of light but no direct sunlight. This plant is excellent for the bathroom as it likes humid conditions.
  • The string of Nickles, Dischidia nummularia, is an air plant or epiphyte, which means that it clings on trees taking moisture and nutrients from the air. The oval, succulent-like leaves are threaded along wiry stems, growing to 3m long. It’s best grown in a medium bright spot with humid conditions and kept moist and misted often.

Green trailing houseplants - Rushfields

Buy trendy trailing houseplants at Rushfields

If you want to be on-trend this year, we recommend buying trailing houseplants at Rushfields. Besides fabulous trailing plants, we also offer a fantastic range of hanging pots, plant hangers and macramé hangers which you can match with your trailing friend. Our friendly staff is always willing to help you find the best trailing houseplant for you.

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