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Houseplant Trend: Air Plants

Air plants or tillandsias have been an upcoming trend among houseplants. Air plants are very easy to maintain. You will be amazed by the fact that they only need air to grow. Rushfields Plant Centre has an acceptable range of air plants available at the garden centre in Poynings. Check out the funny varieties and buy the lowest maintenance houseplants possible.

How Do Air Plants Grow?

Air Plants don’t need soil to grow. Air plants are epiphytes. This type of plant grows on other plants rather than soil. It is not attached to the ground or other apparent surfaces. Epiphytes derive their moisture and nutrients from the air and water via their leaves, not their roots.

Air Plants - Rushfields

Air Plants Lifespan

Air plants don’t seem like common houseplants, and that’s somehow right, but on the other hand, isn’t. Air plants live between two to five years. They’re some perennials, which means they live more than two years. However, their lifespan varies depending on the air plant type and the growing conditions. Those with silver foliage tend to be the most drought-tolerant; greener types dry out faster. If you provide your air plant with the right light, water and temperature conditions, it will stay here for longer. Air plants only bloom once in their lifetime. Once they blossom, the flowers can last for several months, depending on the variety. When the flowers fade, the plant will slowly start to perish. Before air plants die, they produce offsets. You can remove the tiny plants from the mother plant and grow them individually.

How To Take Care of Air Plants?

Although it seems that air plants only need air to live, they do need a little care to survive. Here’s a guide to keeping your air plants thriving with the right amount of light, water and temperature.

  • Light: air plants can live anywhere as long as there’s some indirect sunlight or even artificial light. They’re suitable for almost any place but the dark closet.
  • Water: air plants need to be watered sometimes. Once a week during summer and every two weeks in winter would suit your air plants. You can water your air plants by picking them up and letting them soak in a shallow dish of water. After 15 minutes, you take it out of the plate and place it upside down on a towel to dry. When it’s thoroughly dried, you can put it back in its place. Make sure it’s thoroughly dried to avoid mould. If you have smaller air plants, a simple misting fits as well.
  • Temperature: air plants prefer a dry environment, like our living rooms. Room temperature is ideal, as long as they don’t mould.

Air Plant - Rushfields

Best Houseplants For Beginners: Air Plants

If you want to start caring for houseplants, or you’re looking for the right gift for someone, air plants are the right choice. Besides, they’re effortless to care for. They look absolutely fantastic. Maybe their look reminds you of jellyfish. The foliage appears in many varieties, such as fuzzy, furry, spiky, rounded or long-tailed. Your air plant will tell precisely when it needs water.

Buy Air Plants at Rushfields

Rushfields Plant Centre is a versatile garden centre with a large outdoor plant section, huge indoor plant section, cosy Café and an award-winning Farm Shop. You must visit our garden centre if you live in the Sussex area. Visit our centre in Poynings and discover our fantastic range of air plants. Do you also want a hanging flower pot or a glass container? We have everything you need for a little extra indoors.

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