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Houseplants for gifts

Whether it's -10 degrees or +30 degrees, houseplants make an excellent gift at any time of the year. Rushfields Plant Centre stocks a wide range of houseplant arrangements, potted houseplants, cacti and succulents and other houseplants that make fantastic gifts. Houseplants make excellent gifts because they can live on for many years and sometimes have an extra meaning, too. Discover Rushfields' range and get your perfect houseplant present at our plant centre in Poynings.

Best houseplants for gifts

If you want to give a unique gift to a plant lover, we've listed four of our favourites at the moment. You can always visit our centre for some extra advice or inspiration. 

1. Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is an unusual succulent that makes a great gift plant. The showy pink flowers appear in winter and will look fantastic on any windowsill. This plant prefers bright, indirect light, so a north-facing, east-facing or west-facing windowsill would be perfect. Most succulents tend to be very drought-tolerant. This Christmas cactus loves a steady watering schedule, especially in fall and winter, when it blooms. Do you want to encourage more growth, heavier blooms and better health, plant it in a hanging container that allows the limbs to drape. You will notice the Christmas cactus grows more limbs with multiple flowers.

2. Jade plant

Succulents are very popular as a houseplant for gifts, and so is this Jade plant. The Jade plant is a tiny succulent that fantastically matches other smaller succulents and cacti. You can arrange various small succulents or give the Jade plant as a gift itself. This plant has a woody stem and only needs occasional waterings. If you want your Jade plant to grow vertically, you must prune it to remove heavy foliage to reduce weight. Give this glossy succulent as a gift, and the receiver will love it.

Houseplant for gift - Rushfields

3. Chinese Money Plant

The Pilea peperomioides has become very popular over the last few years. The flat, round leaves grow horizontally on the stems, which gives this plant a funny look. You must have a little experience with houseplants to keep the Chinese Money Plant thriving. It prefers a moderate amount of indirect light and slightly to dry out between waterings. Stick your finger into the soil. If the top 2cm feels dry, it's time to water your Chinese Money plant. This plant is easy and fun to propagate. Every time a new shoot comes up, you can wait until it's big enough and then cut it off the base. Transplant it into a small container, and you will be having Chinese Money babies soon. This plant is perfect as a gift!

4. Orchid

Maybe orchids seem very difficult to maintain, but commercial varieties like the Phalaenopsis are very easy to care for and need moderate attention. Growing orchids is most about creating a suitable climate. You have to get the climate right with the right humidity level, temperature and light. Ensure your orchid is located in a room where the air isn't too dry, so not too close to a heat source. Always keep the soil moist and water thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch. Also, locate the plant away from a windowsill. It prefers indirect light over direct sunlight. If you want to make your orchid rebloom after a finished flowering period, you must avoid that the temperature doesn't drop below 13 degrees Celsius.  

Houseplant for gift - Rushfields

Buy Houseplants for gifts at Rushfields

If you want to give a houseplant as a gift, you should visit Rushfields Plant Centre. Besides these houseplants, we have plenty of other houseplants that are perfect as a present. Mix and match your houseplant with a lovely flower pot to finish it off. If you need any help with choosing the right plant for the right person, you can always ask our staff workers for advice. They will tip you to the best houseplants for gifts and help you find the perfect plant.

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