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How to make a Christmas Garland?

The festive season has started, which means you can start decorating your home. Rushfields Plant Centre has been your favourite go-to for Christmas decorations. Christmas garlands are the perfect accessory to decorate your mantle, fireplace, stairs or table. Please enter our Christmas Garden Centre to shop everything for a beautiful Christmas garland.

What do I need to make a Christmas garland?

Here’s what you need to design your own fireplace Christmas garland:

  • The base: use a real or an artificial garland.
  • Greenery stems like eucalyptus, pine, Taxus or anything wintery with good texture.
  • Supplies like wire or floral wire.
  • Accessories like ribbons, baubles and ornaments.
  • Lights, for example, battery-operated bulbs.

Christmas garland - Rushfields

How to make a Christmas garland for fireplace

If you want to get creative, you can make your own Christmas garland. Give your fireplace a festive look by adding a Christmas garland. Christmas garlands don’t have to be too expensive. You can spend what you want. Please follow our tips for creating a stunning Christmas garland:

  1. Please start with the base, assemble the garland with hooks on the fireplace with clips to keep it in place.
  2. Hang the battery-operated lights around the base.
  3. Drape the greenery stems over each side of the garland. Weave the eucalyptus in and out until you like what you see.
  4. Decorate with accessories, like ribbons, baubles and ornaments.

If you are using real garland or greenery, remember to mist it to avoid drying out. Too much heat or direct sunlight is bad for the condition of the garland. Mist it regularly to keep it shiny.   

Where to hang a Christmas garland

You can put a Christmas garland in many places in your home and even outdoors. A Christmas garland above the fireplace is the most famous spot, but did you know you can use Christmas garlands all over the house? Here is some inspiration to decorate your home during the holidays:

  • Christmas table garland: place the garland in the middle of the table during the Christmas dinner. Decorate it with lights and accessories for a festive look.
  • Christmas door garland: combine garlands with a wreath to give your guests the warmest welcome they could wish for. Hang two garlands on each side of the door and one on top of the door to top it off.
  • Christmas garland for stairs: the stairs are one of the best places to decorate during the holiday season. Weave the garland between the stairs to create a festive look.
  • Outdoor Christmas garland: decorate your porch by hanging a garland around the pillars.

Use adhesive hooks to assemble the Christmas garland. These hooks are available in small sizes and won’t do any damage to your walls, doors or furniture.

Christmas garland - Rushfields

Buy a Christmas garland at Rushfields

If you want to get crazy with Christmas decorations this year, a garland can’t be missed. From November, our garden centre is transformed into a lovely Christmas centre where you can do all of your Christmas shopping. Do you need battery-operated Christmas lights or any fabulous-looking accessories? Please visit our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex for all Christmas shopping needs.

Christmas at Rushfields