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How to attract more garden birds

If you want to know how to attract more birds to your garden, you should keep on reading this blog. Garden birds are indispensable in the garden. If you love nature, and you want to enjoy garden birds' twitter more, here is what you should do. Garden birds have several advances, they are relaxing to watch, give you a happy feeling with their lovely twitter and help you get rid of lawn weeds. Attracting birds is super easy, whether you have a large garden, a small urban garden or a city balcony. We have all kinds of products to serve the garden birds in your area. Visit our centre in Poynings, Sussex and turn your garden into a bird paradise.

Start with bird feeders

First, install a bird feeder in your garden, or set up more bird feeders to attract several species. We offer a wealth of different bird feeders at our garden centre in Poynings. Different bird feeders attract different bird species. Which garden birds are your favourite? We show you some bird feeders that you can install.

  • Peanut feeder
  • Seed feeder
  • Fat ball feeder
  • Peanut butter feeder
  • Peanut cake feeder
  • Ground feeder

Bird feeders - Rushfields

Some birds like to feed on the ground, such as blackbirds and chaffinches, so a ground feeder can be an ideal option.

Provide different meals with bird food

You can a bird feeder to offer bird food or use several bird feeders to provide your garden birds with various bird food. Some garden birds love peanuts, others love seeds, like sunflower seed, or Nyjer seed. Discover our wide range of bird food at our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex. Here’s a list of bird food you’ll find at our garden centre:

  • Suet balls
  • Sunflower seed and sunflower hearts
  • Nyjer seed
  • Mealworms
  • Peanuts
  • Millet
  • Cracked corn
  • Safflower seed

Bird food - Rushfields

Bird food contains energy, oils, fat, proteins for birds to keep your birds healthy and twittering.

Fresh water helps to attract more garden birds

Birds can’t live without hydration. Water is vital for birds survival because birds use water for both drinking and bathing. Providing birds with fresh, clean water is a great way to attract them to your garden. You could place a birdbath in your garden, or if you don’t have one yet, you can put a shallow bowl filled with water out. Make sure you place the fresh water somewhere shaded so that birds can still have an eye for potential predators. Refresh the water as often as you can, especially in summer. In summer, the water warms up quickly in shallow bowls or birdbaths, so you need to pay attention and be careful. During the winter, keep an eye out for ice and remove it if possible.

Fresh water birdbath - Rushfields

Offer a safe place to shelter

Birds need a shelter to nest, sleep and hide. Attract more garden birds to your garden by offering a place they can be safe and secure to nest. This way, you encourage garden birds to breed and improve their chances of survival. We offer several nesting boxes that you can hang in sheltered areas in your garden, away from potential predators and bad weather conditions. Avoid placing nesting boxes in direct sunlight and protect them from strong winds – somewhere between north- and east-facing is best. We have a few different nesting boxes available:

  • Classic nestboxes are mostly known in the UK. These nest boxes have a small hole in the front that is exactly big enough to enter for garden birds such as coal tit, blue tit, great tit, house sparrow. Classic nest boxes are available in different sizes, nest boxes with a 25mm opening attract blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits, if you choose a classic nest box with an opening of 32mm you will attract great tits, tree sparrows, pied flycatchers, house sparrows, nuthatches, lesser spotted woodpeckers. If you only want to attract small species, you choose a nest box with a smaller hole.
  • Open-fronted nestboxes don’t have a hole, but the whole front is open. These nest boxes need to be put in a sheltered area because bad weather can easily slip into the box and predators can steal eggs. Open-fronted boxes are used by species that like to nest in fairly dense undergrowth such as robin, blackbird, song thrush.
  • Sparrow terraces are split into three chambers that provide space to three pairs. Sparrows are very social and like to nest in a colony. House sparrow numbers have undergone a dramatic decline in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Bird nesting box - Rushfields

Plant bird-friendly plants

There are lots of bird-friendly plants that can create an oasis for garden birds. Berry-rich trees, shrubs and plants will attract more birds to your garden and provide further shelter and nesting sites. The berries form a natural food source in case your bird feeders are empty. Think of plants such as rowan, hawthorn, guelder rose, holly, Ivy, honeysuckle, and wildflowers. Visit our garden centre to add more bird-friendly plants to your garden.

Follow these simple tips to attract more birds to your garden and you will enjoy a garden full of flurry, feathered friends visiting your garden. Provide garden birds with the food, shelter and water they need and you contribute to a better bird environment in your area. Stop the declining bird populations in the UK.

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