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Support the national team

The first games of the European Championships have been played, and we’re glad our national team made it to the next round. If you haven’t fully decorated your house yet to support our national team, Rushfields is pleased to show you how to add some colour to your garden and support the national team at the same time. We have a stunning range of white and red coloured summer-blooming flowers. Make a combination of white and red flowers and support our national team. Hopefully, we will make it through the quarter-finals. From all of us at Rushfields, we wish our team good luck.

Rushfields Plant Centre supports the national team

We are all transformed into football supporters at our garden centre, as our national team has made it through the next round. The first few games were fascinating, and we’re looking forward to seeing many more fantastic games. You can either decorate your house or garden with plastic flags in red and white. It doesn’t mind how, but you have to support our team anyways!

Support the national team with colourful plants

A more sustainable way to support our national team is by planting white and red plants or flowers. At our garden centre, you find several white-coloured and red-coloured flowers that will thrive in your garden. 

What flowers are suitable to support the national team?

If you’re looking for the perfect red flowers, here’s our list with some favourites:

  1. The Queen of all: roses. Over 150 species of roses available at our garden centre vary from bright red to Bordeaux. Roses are considered a symbol of love and will look romantic in any garden. We offer both rambling and climbing roses.

  2. Poppies: these flowers can’t be missed in a meadow. Bees and butterflies love them. The bright red flower will bloom in summer and is known for its textured petals and black heart. You can even use the flower as a dried flower when the petals have fallen off.

  3. Coneflowers: available in many colours, but the red one is one of our favourites. Coneflowers are also known as echinacea. This summer-loving flower is excellent for attracting pollinators. Add this flower to your border to support our national team.

Red flowers - Rushfields

White flowers that support the national team

If you’re looking for white flowers to support our national team, here are our favourites:

  1. Petunia: the most popular summer flower is available in all colours and patterns. We surely have a white variation for you. This strong flower grows best in a full sun spot and regular watering.

  2. Lily: a flower that fit almost all garden designs. Besides the fact that lilies look fantastic, they also smell lovely too. Add a natural perfume to your garden by planting lilies like ‘Casa Blanca’ or ‘Tibetan Snow’.

  3. Foxglove: a biennial plant that produces only foliage the first season and blooms fantastic white, long stems with bell-shaped flowers. We have different varieties available.

White flowers - Rushfields

Buy red and white flowers to support the national team at Rushfields

We offer a wide range of white and red flowers that will look fantastic in your garden and support our national team at the same time. We stock both perennial and annual flowers. Pick your favourites from our range and add a little spark to your garden. As long as our national team is still in the European Championships, we will continue offering white and red flowers. Go team, go!

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