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    Compost back in stock!

    We are happy to announce our composts are back in stock! It has been hard to get access to compost restocking. We tried our best to get access to composts, but it's been though. From this week, we finally got a restock in composts. Visit our store in Poynings and add a layer of compost to your garden plants, shrubs, and trees. Summer borders need extra nutrition to encourage strong plant growth. We have big value packs of 35 litres Westland compost available. Besides the compost, we had more restocking this week. 

    Compost back in stock

    We have a good stock of Westland multi-purpose compost. We had twelve pallets delivered this week. The Westland top soil comes in big packs of 35 litres. Add a layer of top soil to your summer bedding. The Westland's compost contains nutrition your plants need. With the big value pack, you can feed your plants, shrubs and trees this summer. Unfortunately, we are still out of stock on the John Innes range. We will update you if we get more of this. For now, you can visit our garden centre for Westland compost. Be quick!

    Compost back in stock - Rushfields

    Stock update

    • Hardy Plants

    We have some good deliveries of hardy plants this week. Our stock levels are starting to get back to near normal. If you want to add some hardy plants to your border, bedding or container, visit our garden centre in Poynings. We have a wide choice. Ask our staff for specific plants.

    • Bird Care

    At least we can feed the birds, we have had a new delivery and have a good selection of seed and fat with one or two new lines in the Peckish range. Help to feed the birds in the garden by hanging seed and fat balls in your garden. Newborn birds in the garden can't fly yet, so they have to strengthen first before they discover the wildlife. To help the birds, add bird food to your garden. The birds in the garden say thank you!

    • Terracotta

    We should, fingers crossed, get a delivery of terracotta pots early next week. For the customers so haven't been to our centre lately, at the moment, we are sold out of the popular shapes and sizes. The less popular sizes and shapes are still in stock. We desperately hope for a new delivery. Let's hope this week brings good news. We will update you about the terracotta delivery. If you want to stay up-to-date with all what's happening at Rushfields, sign up for our newsletter

    • Indoor plants and pots

    We are having weekly deliveries of indoor plants. If you're looking for a houseplant that cheers up your living, Rushfields Plant Centre is the place to be. Our indoor plant area is well stocked. We have something for everybody, from flowering indoor plants like Anthurium and Spathiphyllum to beautiful foliage plants like Monstera, and Zamioculcas. We also offer a superb selection of decorative pot covers to put your houseplants in. Despite the terracotta pots, we have a wide range of glazed, glass, wicker, and other pottery. Check out our assortment. 

    Rushfields back in stock

    Since the lockdown, putting our hands on supplies have been hard. Suppliers were having trouble with the delivery and sometimes, the delivery got cancelled because of the Coronavirus. We do all we can to get our supplies back in stock. If you don't want to miss anything about the restock, sign up for our weekly update. We send a newsletter every week, with the most important news and highlights. We invite you to come over to our garden centre in Poynings. For your and our safety, we kindly ask you to observe our rules. You find our address and phone number on our contact page. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden centre.