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  • To help the NHS we have closed the Plant Centre – some deliveries are available

  • Delicious home-made pies – fresh every day from our Pie Kitchen

  • Order home-made Sausages and choice prime cuts from our Farm Shop for delivery

    Home-made sausages

    Our butcher Paul Channon makes our famous home-made sausages in tempting varieties, like pork and wild garlic, and gluten-free with Mediterranean herbs. Headed by butcher Paul Channon, our team of enthusiast butchers makes sure you always have a good piece of meat to serve your guests (or to eat for yourself of course). Apart from our home-made sausages, you will also find dry-cured bacon and other delicacies in our assortment. Visit the Butchery in Rushfields' Farm Shop and discover today's offer.


    To be very honest, the home-made sausages in our Farm Shop really are perfect just the way they are; they do not need any side dish to make them taste great. Nonetheless, maybe you are feeling culinary and want to make them into a meal. Our butchers would love to give you some tips on how to make our sausages into outstanding meals:

    • Put your sausage in a burger. Fill up your burger with pork sausage, some onions, bell pepper and cheese and you are good to go;
    • Grill your sausages. Do you know what tastes even better than sausages? Smoked sausages! Put them on the barbecue or in a grill pan and serve them with some grilled vegetables, like bell pepper and zucchini;
    • Turn your sausage into a pasty. In this dish, you get to combine the two best British inventions: pasty and sausages. Fill up your parcel of dough with sausage, beans and cheese and put them in the oven. We know you will love it!;
    • Use your sausage to make the best gravy. All you need to make this is a pork sausage, butter, flour, milk and some seasonings.

    Meet our Butcher Paul

    Meet our Butcher Paul - Farm Shop Rushfields


    Good home-made sausages should consist of at least 70 per cent high-quality meat. This can be pork or meat or a mixture of the two. The other 30 per cent consists of breadcrumbs, seasoning and fat. The taste and look of a sausage also depend on the town where it was produced. Try our Sussex sausages yourself and taste the difference! Because of our regional focus, you really get to taste the finest local ingredients. Furthermore, by supporting our Farm Shop you also support local farming. Visit our shop and discover our wide variety of home-made sausages!
















    Butchery Poynings

    Visit our Butchery in Poynings to supply yourself with the famous homemade sausages, delicious minced meat, and other delicacies from our meat section. Our butcher Paul and his team are ready to show you the lovely fresh assortment of today. You find our butchery in Rushfields' Farm Shop in Poynings. Plan your route to our butchery on the contact page. We look forward to welcoming you at the Farm Shop.