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  • We're delighted to be opening our Plant Centre on 16th March

  • Our Farm Shop is open for the finest home-made pies, sausages and deli.

  • Our Café Terrace opens for alfresco dining only on 12th April

  • Rushfields Farm Shop now deliver – call us on 01273 850015 or order online


    Our Rushfields Deli is a delight. We make many products in our own kitchen, including our award-winning pies, quiches and sausage rolls. Encased in crispy pastry and packed with flavour, they’re just one reason why our customers keep coming back. Our counter also offers traditionally cured hams and charcuterie from top producers, as well as ranges of olives, olive oils, vinegar and other condiments and accompaniments.


    A good deli shop uses fresh ingredients and makes them into the most amazing products. The pastry is, of course, one of the most frequently sought after foods when you are in a delicatessen shop. For every little treat, you will need a different sort of pastry. A pie asks for crispy dough that falls apart in your mouth when you take a bite. Puff pastry has a completely different texture: the soft dough gives you the impression that you are eating fluffy clouds. Quiches are mostly made of shortcrust pastry. This crumbly, tender pastry is simple yet very tasty. All mentioned pastries are available in our Farm Shop. Our staff shows you the right pastry for your delicatessen.

    Delicatessen Shop - Rushfields Farm Shop


    What better way to host a party than with the local delicatessen of the Farm Shop? Celebrate your birthday by serving a carefully selected cheese board, filled not only with the best cheeses but also with grapes and olives to create the perfect balance. We also offer charcuterie boards, with cheeses, fruits, and crackers. Find out what's exactly supposed to be on a charcuterie board:

    • hard cheese: Cheddar or Comté;
    • soft cheese: Brie is always a good idea;
    • blue cheese: try Roquefort for a strong, rich taste;
    • plenty of fruits, such as pears, grapes and apples;
    • crackers: you will want a crunchy cracker with a sober taste.


    To top it all off, our deli shop is provided with the best herbs and oils that will make your job in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Maybe you carelessly pour oil in your frying pan to make sure your food does not get burned. But olive oil has so much more to offer! Use it as a dressing in your salad or to make croutons. Apart from olive oil we also have plenty of vinegar to offer. Vinegar makes an excellent base for a marinade but it can be a way to spice up your sauces or salads as well. Using the right oils and spices can make or break the dish. So be sure to check out all our local herbs and other delicatessens.

    Our selection of delicious pies

    We offer a delightful selection of delicious Rushfields pies in the Farm Shop. Choose from the following tastes and try them all!

    • Steak + Ale                                                             
    • Steak, Ale + Stilton
    • Steak + Kidney
    • Chicken + Mushroom
    • Chicken, Ham + Leek
    • Coq au Vin
    • Venison + red wine
    • Lamb + mint

    All the above-mentioned combinations are available in our Farm Shop. Try flavours you've never tasted before and let our pies steal your heart. 

    Visit our Deli shop in Poynings

    We can't wait to provide our customers with the most beautiful products that are selectively chosen and handmade. Discover our homemade pies, delicious pastries and other delightful products in the Deli shop. This section you definitely don't want to skip when you plan a visit to Rushfields Farm Shop. The Farm Shop contains quality products that are highly appreciated by our customers. Explore it yourself, and come visit our Deli shop in Poynings, Sussex. You find our Deli shop in the Farm Shop of Rushfields Plant Centre. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you and showing you all of the delicious products we offer. Do you have any questions? Visit us or call 01273 857445.