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  • We're delighted to be opening our Plant Centre on 16th March

  • Our Farm Shop is open for the finest home-made pies, sausages and deli.

  • Our Café Terrace opens for alfresco dining only on 12th April

  • Rushfields Farm Shop now deliver – call us on 01273 850015 or order online


    Whether it’s for a weekday supper or big Sunday roast, our butchery can make any meat dish sizzle. Headed by butcher Paul Channon, it serves fresh beef, pork, lamb and poultry from local farms passionate about provenance and animal welfare. Our beef is from Grange Farm in Poynings and hung for 21 days for exceptional flavour. When in season, we also offer game such as pigeon and guinea fowl.


    As professional butchers, we know exactly what good meat looks, tastes and feels like. For example, fresh beef has a dark colour and has some slight speckles on it. However, you recognise fresh lamb by its bright red colour. Pork is somewhat pinkish and venison reddish/brownish. With poultry, you can never be too certain, since the colour is different depending on the food that the bird has eaten during his lifetime. Corn produces a more yellowish colour than for example berries. What else should you look for in good meat when going to the butchery? The surface of the meat should be smooth and flawless, not greasy or spongy. Also, the finer the meat is marbled, the better it is.

    Meet our butcher Paul Channon

    Meet our butcher Paul Channon - Rushfields


    Our butchery offers a great variety of the best meat, from beef to pork and from chicken to lamb. Sometimes you will end up with some leftover meat, wondering what to do with it to preserve its high quality. Some available options:

    • freezing;
    • freeze-drying;
    • dehydrating;
    • curing.

    A very common way to preserve meat is to put it in the freezer. Portion the cuts and use freezer-safe bags or containers to store your meat away safely. After four months to a year, the quality will diminish, so it is better to thaw your meat before this time. Another possibility is to use a freeze-drying unit. Slice your meat in eatable portions and place them in the unit. The machine will create a vacuum around the food and suck away the water. For dehydrating, you should remove redundant fat, cut the meat in thin slices and dehydrate them using a dehydrator.


    Our farm shop only employs butchers who are experienced and who have a passion for meat. By using fresh meat they are not only able to produce the highest quality, but also support local farmers. Visit our butchery in Sussex and see for yourself!

    Buy the best meet of the Henfield Street

    At Rushfields Farm Shop, we sell the best quality locally reared meat .Get your daily meat like minced meat, chicken, and pork. True to traditional farm shops, we also have our own friendly butcher, Paul Channon and his team. Paul and his team provide the best local beef, lamb, pork, chicken and game. Reason enough to drive to Rushfields Farm Shop to supply yourself with the best meat in town! Plan your route to our Plant Centre on the contact page.