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Our cheeses from Sussex

We pride ourselves on supporting local producers and in Sussex we are very fortunate to have several excellent dairies producing top quality cheese. Therefore we are proud to offer Sussex cheese and will always try to promote them above all else. This is why our counter will always be stocked with a majority of Sussex cheeses and some that have drifted in from our surrounding counties.

Our staff are all trained to guide you when picking cheeses and are passionate cheese lovers themselves. Our Head Cheesemonger, Sam, is always seeking out the best cheeses and keeping our staff up to date on the world of cheese. His keen senses have guided him to judging at the Artisan Cheese Awards and the World Cheese Awards as well as competing in Young Cheesemonger of the Year at the British Cheese Awards. If you ever have a question about cheese, he'll always enjoy trying to answer it!

Our assortment

Alsop and Walker

  • Mayfield: a semi-hard cheese with natural eyes and a creamy, sweet, nutty flavour. 
  • Oak Smoked Mayfield: semi-hard cheese has a creamy, sweet and nutty taste. Aged for 5-7 months.
  • Sussex Blue: semi-hard creamy tasting mild blue cheese with a natural edible rind. 
  • Sussex Brie: made from pasteurised cow’s milk the flavour is mellow with a hint of nuttiness. 
  • The Idle Hour: a semi-hard cheese; creamy tasting with citrus undertones and a hint of nut, in a natural edible rind. Made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Matured for 16 – 20 weeks.
  • Lord London: made with pasteurised cow’s milk from local farms, has a clean citrus taste with an edible white rind. 
  • Woodside Red: orange in colour with a red natural rind, this is a smooth creamy cheese with a hint of cheddar that is matured for 4 months.

Golden Cross Dairy

  • Flower Marie: a soft mould-ripened cheese made from unpasteurised sheep milk.

Traditional Cheese Dairy

  • Burwash Rose: a raw 7 week matured semi-soft cow's milk cheese.
  • Lord of the Hundreds: made from unpasteurized sheep's milk. Aged for 4 months.
  • Olde Sussex: a 6-month aged cheddar made with raw milk.
  • Sussex Scrumpy: combines raw cows milk, and gently blending with the curd herbs, wild garlic and, of course, cider.

Balcombe Dairy

  • Blue Clouds: a mild creamy blue with a gentle salty tang and an edible rind. Aged for 7-8 weeks.

Local cheeses

High Weald Dairy

  • Brighton Blue: a mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. 
  • Ashdown Forester's: a young, firm un-pressed cheese with a creamy, slightly squidgy texture.
  • Smoked Ashdown Forester's: a young, firm un-pressed cheese with a creamy, slightly squidgy texture, which has been naturally smoked over oak shavings.
  • Sussex Marble: a delicious cheese, made from Saint Giles with the addition of garlic and parsley.
  • Sussex Chilli Marble: is rather hot, but with a delicious buttery texture.
  • Slipcote Garlic and Herb: a fresh soft cheese made with organic sheep milk with added garlic and herbs.
  • Tremains Cheddar: a medium strength cheddar cheese with a smooth texture and creamy flavour.
  • Saint Giles: a continental-style, semi-soft creamy cheese, similar to Saint Paulin/Port Salut style of cheese.
  • Seven Sisters: a semi-soft matured sheep milk cheese, coated in a layer of Hebridean seaweed.
  • Sussex Halloumi: a salty brined “squeaky” cheese, originally from the Mediterranean and traditionally made from sheep milk.
  • Little Sussex: a delicious soft sheep milk cheese with a bloomy white coat.

Bookham Harrison Farms

  • Sussex Charmer: made exclusively with milk from their own grass-fed, welfare assured cows in Rudgwick.
  • Twineham: a great Italian style hard cheese which is as happy on a cheeseboard as it is grated over your pasta.

Nut Knowle Farm

  • St George Camembert: a soft, vegetarian pasturized goat cheese that has aged for 2 weeks with an edible rind.

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With so many cheeses from Sussex, we tried to put a brief comment on all of them. It's hard to keep it short, while there's so much to say about these cheeses. Therefore, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss our range and discover our assortment at the Farm Shop.

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Local Sussex Cheeses


When hosting a party, a cheese board is a great and easy choice. Your guests get to choose exactly the type of nibbles they like and you do not have to stand in the kitchen for hours making something. But how do you make a cheese board that suits everybody’s needs?

  • First of all, make sure there is enough variety. Alternate between soft, semi-soft and hard local Sussex cheeses. For example, Flower Marie cheese has a soft and subtle taste and fits perfectly next to Lord of the Hundreds cheese, a hard cheese with a sweet and grassy aroma.
  • Second of all, make your cheeseboard interesting by selecting cheeses of different shapes such as Lord London which is a handsome bell shape.
  • Third of all, think of other types of food to accompany your variety of cheese. Think of fruits and veggies like cucumber, pear, grapes and dried figs. You'll also want to pick the perfect biscuits and crackers. We can offer a fine selection of classic cheese biscuits and crispbreads.


When stepping into our Farm Shop, the great variety of cheese may feel overwhelming. Maybe you find it hard to choose the type that you want out of this abundance of cheese. If so, please ask our Cheesemongers for their suggestions. They would love to help you out and show you the possibilities of our local Sussex cheeses. Visit our Farm Shop and be surprised!

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