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Local Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetables reflect our commitment to locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce. From crisp apples to leafy greens, our range extends to seasonal favourites such as English asparagus and strawberries, with many grown organically. We receive stocks daily from our suppliers, working with them to ensure the pick of the crop. We also keep packaging to a minimum, so you can touch, smell and pick out what you want from the produce.


Picking up some fruit and veg from your supermarket probably doesn't seem like a big deal. But shopping with supermarkets can be a false economy. Instead of ensuring the freshness of their products, Large supply chains with produce moving all over the country means veg is often old and quick to spoil. Furthermore, the excessive use of plastic packages worsens the climate problem. In contrast, our local fruit and vegetables come straight from farms nearby, helping small businesses to continue their good work and reducing transporting costs. Moreover, by reducing our use of plastic, we try to contribute to a better climate.

Farm Shop fruit


We're proud to work with local growers and fortunately, just over the Sussex border is the Garden of England, Kent. We order directly from the Morghew Estate in Tenterden for muddy potatoes. They have tons of varieties to offer and we try to stock as many as we can. We also stock their rapeseed oil and wholegrain flour. We also enjoy apples and juices from Ringden Farm in Etchingham. Like any good seasonal produce all the varieties come ago through the months but are all delicious.

We are equally lucky to have such an amazing tomato grower over near West Chiltington, Nutbourne Nursery. They hand cultivate an amazing selection of heritage tomatoes which we enjoy collecting ourselves every week.

Fresh apples - Farm Shop Rushfields


The fruits and vegetables you encounter in the Farm Shop are fresh because they come from nearby. You will find lots of seasonal products, such as Brussels sprouts and spinach from September to December and asparagus from April to June. Come and find out what local fruits and vegetables you can use to jazz up your recipes!

Farm Shop Rushfields


Fruit & Veg at Rushfields Farm Shop

We look forward to seeing you soon amongst Rushfields Fruit and Veg in our famous Farm Shop. Plan your route to our plant centre on the contact page