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Local Artisan Bread

Try our Artisan Bread and treat yourself with the lovely taste of freshly baked bread. The aroma drifts through Rushfields Farm Shop every morning with our daily delivery from local suppliers. Everything in the range is made the traditional way, including crusty sourdoughs, rye bread, tin and seeded loaves and more.


So what exactly is Artisan bread? It is all about the maker of the bread. An Artisan baker closely follows the process of turning the dough from a substance of flour, water, salt and yeast into a lovely baked bread. To be able to do this, the baker has to know everything about the chemical reactions between the different ingredients, the importance of mixing, fermenting and shaping and the science behind it all. In contrast to ‘normal’ bread, artisan bread does not need chemicals to taste great. The different techniques included in the baking process generate flavour profiles ranging from a light and delicate taste to a strong and rustic taste.


There are so many different types of Artisan bread on the market, it can be hard to tell them all apart. That is why we have provided a quick guide to some of the most commonly enjoyed ones:

  • Baguette: these long, thin loaves of bread consist of flour, yeast, salt and water. The use of steam during the baking process helps to create a light loaf with a glazed surface;
  • Ciabatta: an Italian flatbread that is characterized by its floury crust and airy consistency. The white bread often has a lot of holes in it, making it even more airy and delicious;
  • Sourdough: the making of this bread relies on naturally developed yeasts from a mother dough. It has a remarkable, sour taste, due to the lactobacilli present in the dough. These bacteria produce lactic acid, making the bread taste tangy;
  • Rye bread: a bread that is very high in fibre. It is made out of flour from rye grain, giving the bread its light or dark brown colour, depending on the rye used. Rye bread has a very distinctive and strong taste;


Our artisan bakers would love to welcome you to our shop. Stick to your favourites or discover new types of bread. Come and visit our Farm Shop to find out what your local bakery has to offer!  

Buy Artisan bread in Poynings

To supply yourself with lovely, fresh-baked Artisan bread, come to the Farm Shop of Rushfields in Poynings. Choose from our many rustic loaves of bread, and combine them some fantastic meats and cheeses from our counters. Put together a charcuterie board and invite friends to come over and enjoy good food. You find our bakery section in the Farm Shop. If you have any questions, please contact us.