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Why do I need compost?

Garden plants need the right soil to grow and thrive. We offer different soils for plants, fruits and vegs. However, garden soils can vary considerably. Unfortunately, very few gardeners are lucky enough to have perfect soil. Some garden soils lack minerals or are too acidic. Adding compost or soil improvers help to provide the right growing conditions for your garden plants, fruits and vegs. Composts and fertilizers will ensure bigger and healthier results. 

Choose the right compost

Choosing the right compost is essential to get the right results. Garden plants, fruit and vegs need different types of compost. Composts' ingredients vary dramatically, therefore, we show you a compost-guide. For the best results, you should use a 'fit for purpose' compost, which has been tailor-made for the particular garden job. If you need more information about this, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help you choose the right compost.

Compost - Rushfields


  1. Choose a specialist compost. This professional compost ensures you to create the right growing conditions. 

  2. Check your garden soil pH balance before you get started. Depending on the results, you need a different type of compost. 

  3. Mix compost with your garden soil to improve the nutrients in the soil.

  4. Do you have new garden plants? Always pot them up in new potting soil. Every year, you should add new compost or potting soil to your garden plants. This will increase the health and growth of the plant.

Different types of compost

There are various types of compost available in our webshop. How to be sure you pick the right one? Here is an overview of the different types of composts and which one to choose in with situation:

  • Peat based compost: this is made from a base of peat blended with other ingredients such as fertilizer, sand, perlite, and lime. 

  • Loam based compost: a mix of loam, sand, peat with an increasing amount of plant foods added. 

  • Peat free compost: this peat-free mix is made from wood fibre, composted bark, and green compost. 

  • Organic compost: these ones are enriched with naturally occurring nutrients, derived from plants and animals. They contain feed for up to three months, other composts feed longer, others feed shorter.

  • All/multi-purpose compost: use this type of compost in different parts of your garden. Use multi-purpose composts in borders and beddings, pots, containers and hangings baskets. Our multi-purpose composts contain food for six weeks up to six months. 

Compost - Rushfields

Order compost online

At Rushfields Plant Centre, we have several types of compost. We sell diverse brands that keep your plants thriving. Here are some brands we sell in our webshop:

  • Miracle-Gro
  • Gro-Sure
  • Westland
  • Levington

​Buy compost

How to order composts online in our webshop? It's very simple! Click on the product you like, add it to your cart, go to the checkout, fulfil your payment online and we deliver your goods to your home. Do you have any questions about our online webshop or are you looking for a specific product? Do you want to speak to a staff member or do you need any advice? Please contact us on 01273 857 445 or send an e-mail to