Plant Centre

Our plant centre is filled with beautiful flowering bulbs and seeds for all year round. A spring garden is not complete without crocuses, daffodils and tulips to decorate it. During summer your garden should be filled with begonias, sweet peas and Californian poppy's. But even during winter there are lots of plants that will outlast the frost: snowdrops, English primroses and camellia's will look amazing in your winter garden! Some pretty flowers to feature in your autumn garden are dahlias, cornflowers and sunflowers. If you want to buy plants, you will find all the bulbs and seeds you need to make your garden bloom all year in our plant centre in Sussex!

Flowering bulbs and vegetable seeds for every season

Plants are not only wonderful to look at, but they can also be very nutritious. So you are able to buy plants that are lovely and healthy at the same time! Create a four season garden in which you have different flowers bloom and different vegetables grow every season. Here is a list of some lovely vegs and in what season they grow:

  • winter: broccoli, cabbage and cherry tomatoes;
  • summer: spinach, zucchini and papaya;
  • spring: lettuce, radishes and kale;
  • autumn: pak choi, garlic and carrots.

In our plant centre, you will find a great variety of vegetables you can grow, along with seed trays, pots and propagators that will help your plants to grow. We also have a brand new range of solar lighting with everything you need to brighten up your garden, patio or paths. New stock arrives every day, so we have brand new plants and bulbs available every time you visit our plant centre! 

Flowering houseplants or foliage plants for a great indoor ambiance

There are lots of plants to find in our plant centre that will certainly brighten up your home. Flowering houseplants like African violets and Christmas cactuses are very easy to take care of and bloom beautifully all year round. But foliage plants are a great asset to your living room or bed room as well. These plants are popular due to their fascinating leaves, featuring beautiful patterns. Take for example the Rose Painted Calathea with green leaves, displaying pinkish coloured stripes. The Croton 'Variegated' has leaves in different colours, like yellow, red and green. Visit our plant centre to check out all our flowering and foliage houseplants.

Planting tips for beginning gardeners 

Before you buy plants and start planting, it is a good idea to do some research. Make sure you know how to take care of the plant and that you have enough space in your garden. Next, find a good spot for your plants. Some plants, like petunias, need a lot of space to grow. Plant other flowers and plants at a distance that equals half their mature height. Prepare the soil by adding compost, so it will be rich when you plant your seeds or bulbs. Prevent insects and pests from harming the plants by wiping the leaves with vinegar. Last but not least, don't drown your plants by giving them too much water. Do you want more planting tips? Bring a visit to our plant centre and ask our staff for advice!