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    How to decide on the right Christmas tree?

    How to decide on the right Christmas tree?

    Let us help you to decide on the right Christmas Tree to make your festivities sparkle this year. From real trees to faux and something totally different, there are many options. So choosing the right one and having the perfect tree can make or break your Christmas decoration style. These ideas, tips and advice will help you to consider the options and ensure your home and family have a sparkly Christmas with the best tree for you. 

    Basically, you have 3 options: 

    • Real Christmas Trees
    • Artificial Christmas Trees
    • Alternative Trees


    Real Christmas Trees

    If you are looking for that traditional Christmas tree there are many options so when you decide on the right Christmas tree to decorate your home, there are a few options to consider. Think about the appearance, size and the varieties that drop needles less than others. The most popular real Christmas trees available are Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir and Noble Fir, Norway Spruce has that lovely traditional pyramid shape, Nordmann Fir trees hold their needles and have dark green foliage and Noble Firs hold their needles but the trees are more open than the Nordman. So when you are thinking about your decorations and styles, it's really important to choose the tree that suits your overall theme.


    Artificial Christmas Trees

    The options are almost endless, from different shades of green to white and silver plus even pre-lit trees are available. When its time to decide on the right Christmas tree for you and your family, the options even include trees dusted with snow for a gorgeous authentic look. Artificial trees are generally easier to set up and clear up after the festivities are over. They may need some investment to initially purchase and you can't change the size or colour each year but an artificial tree keeps on giving, year after year.


    Alternative Trees

    If you want to decorate your home for Christmas in a different or more contemporary style, let your creative juices flow and decorate a twig tree or woodland tree, even a floating bauble tree! There are so many options now to create your perfect festive feeling. A twig tree is a great space saver and can be decorated with lights or bauble, some are even available with lights already attached. A woodland tree is very stylish at the moment and can be handmade or bought pre-made. They give a rustic almost Scandinavian feel to Christmas and a floating bauble tree is not only great fun and easy to make but you can choose from any of your favourite baubles and hang them on a string from the ceiling at different lengths.


    We have a great festive selection to choose from to help you decide on your Christmas tree and decorations so come along to pick your favourite festive decorations.