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    Plant of the Week: Rudbeckia

    Plant of the Week: Rudbeckia

    Prairie planting, combining tall, easy-to-manage daisies with airy, graceful grasses, is as on-trend as ever. And if you want the look for your own garden, buttery yellow rudbeckias are among the very best plants to include, long-lasting and brilliantly colourful for weeks on end.

    The tallest varieties, like ‘Herbstonne’, can reach a magnificent 2m, but for most gardens, a mid-height variety like ‘Goldsturm’ is easier to accommodate, at around 1m tall. Or for really fantastic value, try annual rudbeckias, sown from seed each spring. Their elegant daisy flowers billow from borders in shades of burnt ochre, yellow and brick red, making a fabulous display up to the first frosts.