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    Gardeners can play a key role in preventing flooding

    Gardeners can play a key role in preventing flooding

    Gardeners can play a key role in preventing flooding after heavy rain, according to the RHS which is calling on everyone with a garden to do their bit to soak up excess rainwater.

    Help prevent Flooding after heavy rain

    Torrential rain and thunderstorms have caused flash flooding in the south-east this summer, and extreme weather events are set to become increasingly common. Yet gardens can play a massive role in reducing the risk of flooding by soaking up and capturing rainwater.

    ‘On its own, one garden with opportunities for rain to soak in or be temporarily held rather than flowing into the street might not make much difference,’ says RHS chief horticulturist Guy Barter. ‘But together many gardens designed to retain rainwater will greatly reduce sudden floods.’

    Tips on making your Garden more Flood Resistant

    Among his tips for making your garden more flood-resistant:

    - Collect excess rain in water butts, and use saved water first when watering the garden.

    - Include plenty of tall hedges and trees to catch water on the leaves before it reaches the ground

    - Avoid leaving soil bare: it compacts under heavy rain and water then runs straight off

    - Cover patios with containers and hanging baskets which will absorb water each time it rains

    - Replace hard paving with porous alternatives, like gravel or permeable paving.