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    More than 80% of us have a hanging basket habit

    More than 80% of us have a hanging basket habit

    More than 80% of us have a hanging basket habit, according to new research into our favourite choices for summer bedding displays.

    The survey, by seed merchants Thompson & Morgan, found red was the most popular colour for basket bedding, with nearly a quarter of hanging basket lovers using it in their display. Purple was next, with pink the third choice. Least popular were white-flowered plants. Most gardeners use two or three colours in each basket, with only 9% sticking to one colour. A quarter, though, go for broke with a riot of mixed colours in all shades.

    Begonias, fuchsias and petunias came out top as the nation’s favourite hanging basket plants, but most gardeners – 60% - plan to include a new, just-released variety in their baskets. Just over a third try edible plants in their hanging baskets, with strawberries, tomatoes and herbs the most common choices. The average number of hanging baskets is 5 per garden – though some plant up as many as 28!

    Now is just the right time to plant up your summer baskets, so pop down to our garden centre here in Poynings and stock up on everything from baskets to liners to a dazzling display of bedding to make this your best display ever!