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    Use your walls to the max with vertical gardening

    Use your walls to the max with vertical gardening

    Use your walls to the max with vertical gardening to cram even more colour, scent and spectacle into your garden and add a whole new dimension to your gardening life.

    There are dozens of new and innovative ways to take your plants skywards and you’ll find many of them right here at our garden centre in Poynings.

    Shelving systems triple the number of containers you can squeeze in. Shelving with slatted wood allows water to drain through; if the shelves graduate from the broadest at the bottom to narrowest at the top they’ll also allow maximum sunshine to reach plants, as well as being very stable and more difficult to knock over. Bolting them firmly to the brickwork or fence also helps keep them safely in place.

    Vertical ‘pocket’ systems are easy to attach to walls and fences and ideal for herbs and salads. Or you can go for a growing tower – perfect if you don’t have walls and fences you can use as it’s free standing with pockets to plant into right up the sides. Fill with bedding, strawberries, herbs or even peas and beans to tumble down the side for a pretty and productive feature that takes up hardly any room at all.