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    Last chance to get the garlic in

    Last chance to get the garlic in

    Last chance to get the garlic in: Garlic needs a good period of frost to get those fat cloves to divide into nice plump bulbs, so plant now to give them winter outdoors for really good results next year.

    Don't be tempted to plant garlic from the supermarket: it's possibly carrying viruses, and is probably from somewhere much warmer than the UK so it'll suffer in our climate. Instead, buy good-quality bulbs such as those you'll find in our garden centre. There are two types to choose from:

    Hardneck: the gourmet's choice for their rich flavour and the curly scapes (flower buds) they send up: stir-fry for a real treat in summer. Hardneck garlics don't store well, so eat fresh.
    Varieties:  Edenrose: exquisitely flavoured with pink cloves
                       Lautrec Wight: deep pink cloves and an excellent flavour
                       Albigensian Wight: a rare hardneck that keeps well into the New Year

    Softneck: the ones to grow for storing through winter. Dry thoroughly in a sunny spot indoors – a greenhouse is perfect – and plait to hang in the kitchen.
    Varieties: Chesnok Wight: purple veined cloves with a strong flavour
                      Red Sicilian: early to mature with a fantastic spicy flavour
                      Provence Wight: huge white bulbs with fat cloves and a sweet flavour