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    Plant edible hanging baskets

    Plant edible hanging baskets

    Plant edible hanging baskets for a delicious twist on the usual fare of begonias and busy lizzies. A basket packed with a well-chosen mix of tumbling tomatoes and herbs, or smothered in strawberries or chillies makes a display every bit as fragrant and colourful as bedding – and much more tasty!

    Choose about 8-10 of our ready-grown vegetable plug plants for each 35cm (14”) basket. Pairing plants that go together in your cooking works well – tumbling tomatoes, chillies and basil make good combinations. Or just pack it with one species, say tumbling 'Mara des Bois' strawberries.

    Prop up your basket on a bucket and line with a recycled fibre basket liner, available from our garden centre, to hold the compost and retain water. Finally, mix a handful each of slow-release fertiliser and water-retaining gel into the compost before you start.

    If you want to plant through the sides as well as on top, cut slits around the edge of the basket through the liner. Fill the bottom of the basket with compost and then start poking the rootballs of your plants through the slits from the outside. Cover with compost as you go, until you plant the topmost plants into the centre. Firm the compost and water well.