Cut Christmas trees

We now have our first delivery of Christmas trees, on the first delivery, we have the needle fast varieties, such as Nordmann, Noble fir and lodgepole pine. We take these varieties first because they are the best trees to have if you are putting them in the house early, this is because they can tolerate the dry warm conditions better than the more traditional Norway spruce.

All of our Norway spruce trees will be with us, week commencing 2nd December, there will be plenty to choose from and you have a greater chance of keeping the needles on these trees if you put it indoors a bit later. So, if you start decorating your house early for Christmas this year, we recommend you to buy one of the above-mentioned Christmas trees. If you plan to put the Christmas decorations in and around your house a bit later, the Norway trees are great for you.

Christmas trees garden center Rushfields

If you have found the right Christmas tree for you, we are very likely to wrap it for you. If you come by car, it's way easier to transport your Christmas tree to your house when it's wrapped. Every day you can come to our garden centre to choose your ideal Christmas tree. Plan your visit to make sure you drive the fastest way to our garden centre!

Cut Christmas trees

How do you care for a live Christmas tree?

It's really important to take care of your Christmas tree immediately when you get home. Our pre-cut trees usually don't need extra care, but if you have found a tree that was cut a few weeks ago, you can use a handsaw or chainsaw to make a fresh cut across the bottom of the trunk.

Why do we cut trees?

We recommend removing an inch or so of wood. It's important to remove an inch of the trunk, because once a tree is cut, sap leaks out, dries and seals the wood’s pores, greatly hindering its ability to absorb water. So, to activate the absorbing of the water process of your Christmas tree, you have to remove an inch of the wood. Most Christmas trees you buy at our garden centre have had a treatment like this. 

How to look after your Christmas tree?

When you get home with you fresh-cut, stunning Christmas tree, and you sawed off the lower part of the trunk, you should start watering your Christmas tree. Apply these following steps to make sure you enjoy your Christmas tree as long as possible.

  • Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled.
  • Never let the water level go below the tree’s base.
  • Check the water level of the Christmas tree every day.
  • Add some moist to the dry air using a plant spray or humidifier.
  • Give love

It's good to keep your Christmas tree moist with a plant sprayer, especially if your Christmas tree stands beside a heate source. Don't place your Christmas tree too close to a heat source, such as heat registers, fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. These spots will speed up the dryness of the Christmas tree and make the needles of your Christmas tree fall out sooner that you want. 

Keep your Christmas tree moist Rushfields

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, we can almost guarantee you a beautiful Christmas tree. Do you need some Christmas balls or Christmas lights to decorate your Christmas tree? We have everything you wish for in our garden centre! Or are you looking for fresh pies, Artisan bread, wines, pantry or local beers? Take a look at our Christmas Farm Shop and find your ultimate Christmas delicatessen. We wish you a wonderful Christmas from all of us at Rushfields!