Bird care

Bird care

It is important to feed birds in the garden all year round. At this time of the year, when natures larder is almost empty, it is especially important to keep the feeders topped up, it will help the birds maintain a higher level of body fat to see them through until the Spring. At Rushfields we have an amazing range of food and feeders, something to satisfy every visitor to your garden this winter, whether it is peanuts or seed or maybe something a little more substantial like some suet with winter berries. Of course you need something to put the feed on or in, we have a feeder for all of the different types of food that we sell from fat snax to nyger seed, even some feeders that really challenge the squirrels, So next time you are looking for something for our feathered friends, be sure to visit Rushfields your one stop bird care shop.

If You want to look after the birds in your garden this Winter we have 3 amazing offers

Fat Snax tub of 50 RRP £9-99  our price £7-99

12.5kg sack of Peanuts RRP £34.99 our price £27.99

Gardman complete bird feeding station kit £29.99