Rushfields Plant Centre is a family owned and run independent plant centre, we are situated at the foot of the South Downs on the A281 Henfield Road at Poynings in Sussex. 

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April at Rushfields.


Spring & Summer Colour


Fuchsias, Begonias and trailing Geraniums £2-79 each

Basket and patio plants  £2-29 each

Tomato plants £1-59 each

6 pack Summer bedding 33-99

Please remember to give plants frost protection


Light up your garden with solar lights

Ice orb solar lights £4-99 each buy 3 for £10

Swirl marker lights £3-99 Buy 5 for £10


Relax and enjoy the Garden

We have BBq's to suit everybody from small cast iron charcoal  BBq at £24-99

to 2 and 3 burner gas BBq's with grill stream technology at £299 & £399

We also have our range of garden furniture for this Summer including some new introductions to our first class weave range

Good selection of Alexander Rose benches in stock



Plant of the Week: Clematis

Plant of the Week: Clematis

There's a clematis in flower for every month of the year, so they say: and you'll find some of the prettiest on sale in full bloom right now in our garden centre. Best of all, these are the clematis which need minimal pruning: just leave well alone unless they outgrow their space, when you can trim them back after flowering.

The montana group are frothing into a flurry of blossom right now: 'Tetrarose' is rose pink while 'Grandiflora' is purest white. Both are sweetly perfumed. And flowering through May, macropetala varieties have large, elegantly nodding flowers. 'Rosy O'Grady' is dusky pink, while 'Wesselton' is a delicate lavender. 

Pruning fruits

It is safe now to prune stone fruits, such as plums and cherries, because the risk of them contracting silver leaf disease has passed. Fig trees, too, can be pruned now, to keep plants to shape and size, and to remove dead, diseased or damaged growth.

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