Rushfields Plant Centre is a family owned and run independent plant centre, we are situated at the foot of the South Downs on the A281 Henfield Road at Poynings in Sussex. 

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April at Rushfields.


Spring & Summer Colour


Fuchsias, Begonias and trailing Geraniums £2-79 each

Basket and patio plants  £2-29 each

Tomato plants £1-59 each

Please remember to give plants frost protection


Light up your garden with solar lights

Ice orb solar lights £4-99 each buy 3 for £10

Swirl marker lights £3-99 Buy 5 for £10


Relax and enjoy the Garden

We have BBq's to suit everybody from small cast iron charcoal  BBq at £24-99

to 2 and 3 burner gas BBq's with grill stream technology at £299 & £399

We also have our range of garden furniture for this Summer including some new introductions to our first class weave range

Good selection of Alexander Rose benches in stock


Pop in and see us over the Easter weekend we are open every day as normal

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

Plant of the Week: Japanese azalea

If you adore the exuberant, day-glo colours and handsome, glossy leaves of the rhododendron family, yet you haven't room for large shrubs in your garden – try Japanese azaleas.

They're every bit as colourful as their bigger cousins, but only grow to about a metre tall – perfect for smaller gardens and containers of ericaceous (lime-free) compost. The smaller, daintier flowers are quite charming: enjoy the ruffled white flowers of 'Niagara', blotched in green, or 'Irohayama', in pale lavender. The curious 'hose-in-hose' double flowers of 'Coral Bells' are pink, and scented too. Give them dappled shade and damp soil and they'll give you pleasure for years to come.

Sowing perennials

Summer is when both perennial and biennial plants are traditionally sown ; so that they have enough time to make small plants for planting out in the autumn. But if you have time now ; and greenhouse space ; it is a good idea to sow some perennial seeds. By planting out time in autumn they will have made lovely sized plants with a good root system.

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